Tired of folding the can lid into the can to drain the liquid? This is not only dangerous with the sharp edges, but the top of the can is also usually dirty and you contaminate your food. The soft silicon Can Strainer is designed to work with multiple can sizes to aid in the removal of liquid without losing any food. Easy clean up as the silicon Can Strainer is dishwasher safe and can be stored easliy with its compact design. 

Multi-Use: Originally designed as a can drainer the possibilities are endless uses for the Can Strainer! Just a few include; tea strainer or herb infuser for cooking, cocktail shaker, poached egg basket, sink drain strainer, or helping to remove a tough jar lid! The applications are truly endless.

The Can Strainer comes with large holes making it perfect for straining and rinsing tinned foods. An ideal kitchen gift for new homeowners, a student, or a cooking enthusiast.


  • Every Kitchen Must Have
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Made from Soft Silicon

    Can Strainer

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