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Founded July 26, 2011 By Jamilah Conway Re-Established 2020. Art Del LA Poésie Means Artistic Poetry & Poetry Art In French. An Opportunity To Express Oneself Through Words And/Or Colors. Creating An Environment Of Expression. We Sell Fun, Modern, & Chic Art And Home Decor Products.

Poetry Corner Underconstruction, Currently Accepting Applicants



Jamilah Conway

I’m Jamilah Conway. I am the creator and founder of Art Del LA Poésie meaning Poetry Art in French. This art/poetry company (organization) was founded by me on July 26, 2011. This site lets you view my poems, my participants poetry corner, home decor, art and so much more! Here's some history about me. I am originally from the South Side of Chicago. Graduated The Great Bethune Cookman University in Florida. Poetry for me is about peace, patience, learning how to meditate and relieve stress and frustration. Painting came to me about 6th/7th grade. Finding the passion to finally put my feelings down on a canvas or in writing is an amazing feeling and makes me feel better about myself and situations going on.

 I hope you enjoy the poetry, art gallery & more. In Health, Jamilah Conway

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